Katie, we were confident we picked the right photographer… and boy were we right!! Oh my goodness, how do we even put it into words? We were both so overwhelmed watching it all back again, it was like we were right back there on the day. I never expected looking back at photos would evoke such emotion again. It reminded us of how we felt, how we perceived the day wasn’t just a dream, it was real. You captured it in the way we remembered it – everyone is laughing, having fun, the beautiful sunshine and the incredible high we felt. I think you photographed pretty much everyone which is incredible – I didn’t expect it to be so vivid.

For two people who were genuinely so nervous, apprehensive and who would be pretty shy about taking photos – not on social media etc, we absolutely love the photos. It made us really emotional, but in the best possible way – we laughed, shed a few tears and laughed again.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this but you are incredibly talented Katie. Thank you so much for your effort, kindness, calming presence and for being just so cool and sound all in one.