An Alternative Wedding: Sarah + Eoghan

This is probably the least traditional wedding I have had the honour of photographing. These two did nothing by the books and it was wonderful! Sarah + Eoghan chose the very cool Mount Druid for their totally chilled festival style wedding. There was no big reveal that morning as they pretty much got ready in the same house and portraits and family photos were done and dusted by the time the ceremony came around! Both Sarah’s parents walked her up the aisle, which I thought was a lovely thing to do. We then strolled across to the Barn for some drinks, food and music and Sarah + Eoghan didn’t miss a moment with their guests. The umbrellas in the photos are used not to shield them from the rain but from the sun! Not only that, but this funky bride wore GREEN! Sayyy whattt? You heard me, a green wedding dress and umbrellas when it’s not raining. It’s society turned upside down! Congratulations guys 🙂